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Sagra della Bistecca

From 13 to 15 August the Sagra della Bistecca di Cortona, an event in celebration of steak, awaits you. It is one of the most important culinary events of Cortona, held every year in the Parterre gardens (public park). A gigantic grill, 14 metres in size (the largest working grill in Italy) is used to cook T-bone steaks, all from the Chianina breed of cow. The steaks are served rare, as Tuscan tradition dictates and as well as side dishes, bread and fruit, are accompanied by excellent Chianti or Cortona Doc wines, which are ideal for serving with our meat. The “Sagra della Bistecca” offers more than steak; there are plenty of other food stands with typical produce from Cortona and Tuscany.

Opening times: During the dates of the event, dinner only will be served between 18 and 23
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